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Abundant sheet stock always maintained to insure our customers timely delivery and safety stock

Trimming is handled with our Thermwood 5 axis CNC Routers with 6 stations ranging from 5' x 5'  to 10' x 10'

​​Assembly / Fabrication
We offer extensive assembly & fabrication services. 
We take your specifications to transform raw material and components into your finished product. 

Such services we offer include, but are not limited to:
Mechanical Assembly, employing custom hardware parts and fasteners such as specialty latches, nuts, screws, magnetic fasteners, various hinges, stainless hardware etc.

Solvent Welding: This is a process using chemical adhesives to bond two pieces of plastic together.
Sonic Welding: This is a process of welding plastic, utilizing heat from vibrations

Our Thermoforming Machinery sizes include double end operations with sizes ranging from:   4' x 8' ,  5' x 10' and  7' x 12'

With top and bottom heights up to 50"